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Limoge two sided plate depicting month of may
  • Product Code: 4310
  • 19th century 1850s to 1880s hand crafted French Limoges circular double sided plate/plaque by listed and well collected French enameller and oil painter Paul Constant Soyer (1823-1903). The title of this work is "Mai" or May,  is part of the rare and desirable series of 12 plates depicting each month. It is enamel on copper. The painting is very well detailed on both sides. Typically the backs of these enamel works are quite plain since most will not be viewed when displayed.  The piece is signed by the artist on the back .. The condition is overall good  Paul Constant Soyer is listed in the art research book Davenports Art Reference and Price Guide. While his oil paintings are just an average collectible, his enamel works seem to be well contested when they come up for auction.  Very few of his enamels ever make it to auction and not of this quality come to market. Public Auction records show A pair of Japanese portraits on the popular auction sold for $20,000 and a second pair sold for $15,000 at a separtae auction.

  • Size: 0.00in x 8.00in x 8.00in
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